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Time to get into farming

(Monday, April 28, 2003 -- CropChoice guest commentary) --

George DeVault's 14 Myths About Modern Farming

1. You need hundreds, even thousands of acres of land to be a farmer.
2. Can't start a farm without tons of money.
3. Farmers have no control over prices.
4. It's impossible to get started in farming today unless you inherit a farm or marry a farmers' daughter.
5. You have to have a full line of the newest, biggest farm equipment, preferably John Deere green.
6. A 4-year agricultural degree is a must, a master's degree is even better.
7. The government will solve all your problems.
8. The experts know it all.
9. There is no future in farming.
10. We have too many farmers.
11. The only way to be a successful farmer is to use lots of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
12. Get Big or Get Out -- We say get small and get in!
13. If you don't farm full-time, you're not a real farmer.
14. The experts have all the answers -- They don't. Many haven't a clue.


Ken Hargesheimer's 15 Necessities For Profitable Farming: Minifarms@aol.com

1. 2 to 200? Acres.
2. Organic.
3. No-till.
4. Permanent beds with permanent paths.
5. Drip irrigation [pressure or bucket drip kits]
6. Cold climate: hoops or hoops within a hoop house.
7. Little/no outside inputs.
8. Little/no farm machinery.
9. Open pollinated seed.
10. Highest profit [not highest yield] per acre.
11. Alternative crops.
12. Direct/alternative marketing.
13. On-Farm value-added.
14. Grass-based livestock
15. Internet access.