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Way back, and way deep, into the Amazon

(Friday, Feb. 7, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- There are vampire bats that slither down the hammock rope to slice open your toes. And snakes with bites that cause blood to flow out of every orifice.

But there are also the secrets of the ancients!

This Saturday at 9AM Pacific, the Food Chain with Michael Olson hosts Southern Illinois University Archeologist Bill Woods and University of California Anthropologist Hugh Raffles for a conversation about the “terraforming” of the Amazon basin.

(Listen here: http://www.metrofarm.com/index.asp?cat=40088 )

Topics will include how ancient civilizations survived and prospered by turning the near sterile tropical soils of the Amazon basin into a deep rich loam that survives to this day; how wild peoples civilized wild rivers; and what the Amazon’s past may tell us about our future.

Listeners are invited to call the live program on KFRM, KGOE, KMPH, KOMY, or KSCO with questions and comments at 800-624-2665.