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Farm Bureau eases biotechnology stance

(Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2002 -- CropChoice news) --

Mikkel Pates, Grand Forks Herald: At the North Dakota Farm Bureau's annual meeting in Fargo, the group changed its earlier policy that had favored a moratorium on commercialization of genetically modified wheat in North Dakota.

Instead, the group adopted a new policy that supports "a cautious approach to the commercial production of biotechnologically enhanced wheat" but support of "continued research and development of biotechnology in production ariculture."

"Imperative components of the release of biotech wheat are customer acceptance and segregation of biotech versus nonbiotech wheat," the policy now says.

In a related issue, the group approved policy that says companies releasing biotech wheat "must accept liability or any harm caused to producers, and should not be allowed to pass responsibility to farmers, provided that farmers use the product as directed."