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Wheat industry asks USDA to review transgenic wheat with only science in mind

(Saturday, April 26, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- The National Association of Wheat Growers and other members of the U.S. wheat industry sent to U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman a letter in which they asked that the Department move ahead with a review of Monsanto Co.'s application for approval of wheat genetically modified to resist the glyphosate herbicide.

The industry wants to group to rely strictly on science and disregard economic factors that a coaltion of agriculture and environmental organizations raised last month when they filed a legal petition calling for a moratorium on Monsanto's Roundup Ready wheat. The petitioners cited a plethora of evidence from major markets that they do not want and will not buy genetically modified wheat and very well might shun other classes of U.S. wheat if transgenic varieties are grown here.

Source: Reuters, http://www.forbes.com/home_europe/newswire/2003/04/25/rtr952179.html

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