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StarLink found in corn seed

(March 1, 2001 --Cropchoice news) -- The discovery of StarLink in corn seed could spell financial trouble for farmers.

Although the batch of seeds containing the genetically modified variety won't be planted, major export markets, such as Europe and Japan, have said they'll refuse to buy any U.S. corn if they suspect it contains StarLink.

StarLink is a genetically engineered corn that the U.S. government hasn't approved for human consumption because of concerns its Cry9C protein may be allergenic.

Last year, environmental organizations found the variety in corn products. A slew of food recalls followed. Japan, which hasn't approved StarLink for human or animal consumption, cut back its U.S. corn imports.

The StarLink contamination illustrates the difficulty of keeping genetically engineered and conventional grains separate. The reasons include cross-pollination, contaminated planters and combines, and commingling during processing.

Source: The Washington Post