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Brazil inches closer to allowing GMO soybean planting

(Feb. 28, 2002 – CropChoice news) -- One of three federal judges in Brazil on Monday voted to overturn an injunction that for nearly four years has prevented the cultivation and sale of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soybeans, genetically engineered to resist the herbicide Roundup.

However, the court will not reach a final decision until March 15 so that Judge Antonio Ezequiel has time to review the additional information he requested.

If the judicial panel were to agree unanimously to lift the planting ban, Brazilian farmers could be sowing Roundup Ready seeds by the 2002 – 2003 season.

The prohibition began in June 2000 after a federal regional court ordered the government and Monsanto to conduct complete environmental and health studies before approving any commercial release of genetically modified organisms.

Meanwhile, Monsanto has decided to delay for at least one year, until 2004, the introduction of its genetically modified wheat. Beginning this year the company will submit its data about the safety of Roundup Ready wheat, engineered to resist the herbicide Roundup, to the Food and Drug Administration.

The delay comes at a time when Pharmacia Corp. is planning to spin off to shareholders its 85-percent stake in Monsanto.

Source(s): Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, AgNet