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Attorney seeks to help farmers facing GMO contamination

(Dec. 19, 2001 -- CropChoice news) -- Eric Seifert, an organic farmer and civil rights/environmental attorney currently based in New York, told CropChoice that he has devoted his practice to the the issue of genetic engineering, intellectual property rights, and the rights of farmers. He is offering legal representation at a very minimal charge (pro bono) to farmers who are facing lawsuits by Monsanto or other agrochemical companies for having genetically engineered plants on their land.

Seifert also wants to help farmers who believe that pollen from transgenic plants has contaminated their land.

"I believe there are lawsuits that farmers can bring against these agrochemical companies," Seifert said. "Farmers must stand up against Monsanto. The future of the small and medium size farmer in America depends on them taking a stand now. "

Interested parties can e-mail Seifert at eseifert00@hotmail.com or call him at 212.431.8004