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ADM pocketbook pushes ethanol

(Thursday, Nov. 7, 2002 -- CropChoice news) -- This comes courtesy of the Agribusiness Examiner.

NICHOLAS E. HOLLIS, AGRIBUSINESS COUNCIL: With the Senate race heating up in the Tarheel State someone ought to ask Republican candidate Elizabeth Dole to explain her support stance on ethanol --- and her longstanding ties to America's leading corporate price-fixer --- Dwayne O. Andreas --- and major corrupter of the campaign finance process since the 1960s.

Dole will undoubtedly spout off the standard falsehoods tauting ethanol (derived from corn) --- arguing that the subsidized oxygenate for fuel benefits farmers, the environment and reduces our nation's dependence on foreign oil. But even her rural supporters know these exaggerations stretch the truth.

Ethanol isn't "white lightning" but its production process is very similar. Back in western Carolina's hills, the good old boys know that the ethanol/fuel alcohol scam is largely benefitting (and controlled by) the Illinois-based agribusiness behometh, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) --- where Andreas still rules the board by proxy/family ties. Drink white lightning over time --- the results are predictable. Feed ethanol to your car's engine, the results will be equally dire.

Inquiring minds in North Carolina's voting public may be interested to learn that Dole and her erstwhile husband, former presidential contender, Bob Dole --- the Viagra King--- have long owned beachfront condo property in a south Florida condominium controlled by Dwayne Andreas, who just happened to be Bob Dole's largest contributor for many years while the Kansas senator carried much water and performed many favors for ethanol, insuring the nascent industry its multi-layered subsidies and protection from foreign competition,back in the late 1970s, early '80s.

Andreas has been a generous contributor to "Liddy" Dole as well. The spread of ethanol --- from its midwest base --- is creating a serious drag on the motoring public --- via higher per gallon costs, reduced revenues for road and bridge repair (diverted to ADM from the Highway Trust Fund which loses funds due to ethanol's tax exemption at the pump), reduced fuel mileage and increased air pollution.Presently, ADM/ethanol toadies in the Congress are pushing for a massive increase in mandated ethanol use contained in the pending energy legislation.

Less noticed is the ADM led drive for a normalization of trade with Cuba, with the real prize --- Cuba's low cost sugar plantations, well disguised. Sugar cane is a far more efficient feedstock/converter for ethanol production (compared with corn) --- and, if it gets its wish, ADM will soon need more raw materials to meet the phoney demand its latest anti-competitive practices have carved out within the huge California motoring market. North Carolina's retiring Republican U.S. Senator Jesse Helms has seen through this scam, and consistently voted against ethanol and trade normalization with Cuba.

In ADM's big plans, North Carolina's senate seat --- with another Dole --- represents another prize. But in the coming legislative and economic battle over this bogus "fuel," with major opposition building on both coasts to the midwest drive for ethanol hegemony, it is doubtful the "Ethanol Queen" will do much for the Tar Heel State. And if ADM gets a grip on Cuba's sugar, the nation's corn farmers everywhere, and eventually the motoring public, will find out just how badly they've been taken as well.