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Corn Growers welcome new soybean group

(Thursday, Nov. 14, 2002 -- CropChoice news) -- Keith Dittrich, president of the American Corn Growers Association (ACGA) and a corn and soybean farmer from Tilden Neb., today commended the leadership of the newly formed Soybean Producers of America (SPA) for their initiative in launching an organization to give America's soybean producers a voice in their own futures.

"I am exceedingly pleased with the actions of these men and women who want to provide an alternative organization for soybean producers," said Dittrich. "Just as ACGA was founded in 1987 to insure an open and alternative voice for America's corn farmers, here comes the SPA to provide this essential open and attentive voice for soybean producers, including me."

The President of the new soybean entity is Dewayne Chappell, a 1,100-acre soybean, cotton, rice and winter wheat farmer from Des Arc, Ark. He will be working with an initial board of directors made up of soybean producers drawn from five states, including Ark., Miss., Neb., Ill., and S.D. The organization's Executive Director is Harvey Joe Sanner, also of Des Arc. Mr. Sanner is a well-known national agricultural leader who is leading the lawsuit against the Chicago Board of Trade concerning the market manipulation of soybean prices in 1989 that resulted in serious economic losses to soybean producers throughout the United States.

"Our nation has had a long history of at least two political parties," added Dittrich. "The concept of free and open debate by the multi-party system is the bedrock of our nation's political policy forum. It is critical for the SPA to provide the same free and open debate for farm families raising soybeans across America. Unlike the countries previously suppressed and oppressed behind the weight and darkness of the 'Iron Curtain,' democracy requires more than one voice, it requires more than one party, it requires more than one policy option, and it requires more than one organization representing the interest of our farm families and rural communities."

"The American Corn Growers stand ready, willing and able to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the Soybean Producers of America," concluded Dittrich. "I am extending a formal invitation to the SPA to join ACGA in Charleston, S.C., this coming January to share in a concurrent and shared convention of the two organizations."

ACGA will hold its 2003 convention in historic Charleston, S.C., Jan. 30 through Feb.1. The convention will be held at the Charleston Riverview Hotel, located 170 Lockwood Drive in Charleston. For more information please visit the ACGA website at http://www.ACGA.org