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No risk from GM crops, says French Academy of Sciences

(Thursday, Dec. 12, 2002 -- CropChoice news) --

Agence France Presse, via Agnet: PARIS - France's Academy of Medicine was cited as calling for European countries to end their moratorium on genetically-modified (GM) crops on Wednesday, saying it saw no evidence that these plants were a danger to health.

The academy was cited as saying in a report that GM crops and their derivatives had been grown and eaten for around a decade, especially in the United States, and "no particular health problem has been detected" and that GM food could be a boon for countries with fast-growing populations and marginal or shrinking farmland, adding that, "GM use has been a generally positive experience." The moratorium should be lifted, the report said, adding however the caveat that it was still essential to set up "permanent systems for evaluation and biovigilance."

The story adds that the French Academy of Sciences is to issue a report on GM safety on Friday.