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More GMO Than Monsanto Meant

(31 May - Cropchoice News) -- New gene sequencing performed on Roundup Ready soybeans has revealed that RR varieties have more foreign DNA than Monsanto, or the government, thought. According to company research to be published in a few weeks, two extra pieces of foreign DNA were accidentally inserted when Roundup Ready varieties were created in the early 1990s. The "rogue DNA" has been there ever since, meaning ...

Well, nobody is quite sure.

Exactly our point, say activists, who have long said that GMO varieties are not well-enough understood. Sue Mayer of the non-profit Genewatch told the Sunday Herald "These results demonstrate that genetic modification is a clumsy process, not precise as is often claimed."

Monsanto counters that the extra gene bits are "inactive" and were there when Roundup Ready went through regulatory approvals, so there is no cause for concern. Its spokesman, Daniel Verakis, says "Those two pieces were present within the soybeans used in all original safety tests and hence do not change the conclusion by global regulatory authorities that Roundup Ready soybeans are as safe and nutritious as conventional soybeans."

Stay tuned for opposing scientists to square off when Monsanto's research is published.

SOURCE: Sunday Herald (UK)