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National Corn Growers warns farmers about StarLink volunteers

(February 15, 2001 -- Cropchoice news) -- The National Corn Growers Associations on Tuesday warned farmers that StarLink corn seed that didn't germinate last season could sprout this year and contaminate their crops.

Any "volunteer" StarLink could hamper efforts to rid the U.S. food supply of the genetically modified corn, which is not approved for human consumption because of concerns that it might trigger allergic reactions.

Environmental groups discovered StarLink in U.S. food products last September, leading to an eventual recall of more than 300 food items. After Japan and South Korea detected the bioengineered variety in their U.S. corn shipments, they cut their import levels.

To prevent StarLink volunteers, the National Corn Growers Association suggested that farmers plant soybeans, oats or another crop where they grew StarLink last year.

Source: Reuters