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UK food retailer recalls unlabeled Nabisco cookies

(March 9, 2001 --Cropchoice news) -- British convenience store chain Whistlestop Food & Wine today recalled all packages of Nabisco's Nutter Butter cookies because they may contain transgenic corn and soy, yet are not labeled as such.

The 1999 UK Food Labelling (Amendment) Regulations mandate labels on foods containing transgenic ingredients.

Whistlestop figures that the Nutter Butters, which Nabisco produces in the United States, likely contain transgenic soy or corn given that 60 percent of the soybeans and 30 percent of the corn that U.S. farmers grow are transgenic.

Nabisco has confirmed that it does not distinguish between transgenic and conventional ingredients in these cookies.

Other U.S. products that Whistlestop sells and whose transgenic status remains unknown include:
* Hersheys - containing soy-based ingredients
* Jones Soda - containing corn syrup as an ingredient

Source: gmfoodnews.com