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Infamous IBP now called Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.

(Friday, May 9, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- via the Agribusiness Examiner: DANIEL YOVICH, MEATING PLACE.COM: Springdale, Arkansas.-based Tyson Foods Inc. announced [May 1] that the name of IBP Inc., its wholly owned fresh meats subsidiary, is officially being changed to Tyson Fresh Meats Inc.

"We believe this change will be a more accurate reflection of the new fresh meats company, which has emerged from the integration of Tyson Foods and IBP," said Dick Bond, Tyson Foods president and COO. "While Fresh Meats is a separate operating entity, it is an integral part of the Tyson Foods family. In fact, two case ready meat plants are already producing some products under the Tyson brand."

Bond also said the name change will simplify business activities. The name change does not reflect a change in the division's structure or location, the company said. The shift to the Tyson Fresh Meats name legally takes effect May 1, but Tyson said it will likely be early summer before IBP's meat production plants and offices will begin replacing IBP with the Tyson logo on buildings, vehicles, uniforms, and stationary.

Thursday's announcement completes a transition that, in fact, began nine months ago, when Tyson said it was abandoning the IBP's nacent Thomas E. Wilson brand . . .

"Consumers clearly identify the Tyson brand as one of the strongest and trusted in America with 95% recognition. A conversion from the Thomas E. Wilson brand to the Tyson brand will accelerate our ability to meet the needs of our customers, maximize our brand building efforts with consumers, and is the best long-term strategy for our company," Tyson CEO John Tyson said at the time.

The six-month rebranding effort took hold in February, when Tyson launched a new line of 31 chicken, beef, ham and turkey deli meats into the self-service deli section at grocery retailers nationwide under the Tyson brand. "These are true deli quality products that consumers have asked for," Corscadden says. "The natural shapes and quality ingredients make each slice look and taste as if it were sliced fresh in the deli."

In March, Tyson began shipping under the Tyson brand 14 heat-and-eat beef and pork roasts, hams and pork tenderloins. The company also rolled out an eight-item line of Tyson branded individually frozen steaks and pork chops this year.